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Do You Know what you need?

Deciding how to market your business online can be a Herculean task. Making a wrong turn or attempting to implement a strategy without considering all of the factors can lead to very costly dead ends. At Khaotic Digital we know how to check your system to develop a strategy that works.

What's a marketing Platform?

Your marketing platform is made up of a website that acts as the home base for your business's online presence, a blog to generate fresh content and engage audiences, social media accounts for reaching out to your target audience, and remarketing and analytics softwares. If you use the internet to engage or reach out to customers, then you technically have a marketing platform. So instead of thinking about your marketing platform in black and white, think about your marketing platforms grade. If you have a base with static and useful info, a section for engaging and converting, a soap box for reaching out and connecting, and analytics to track interactions, then you have a healthy marketing platform. If you are missing any of these, then you could probably use some improvement.

What's the Point?

The mind set of todays business owners and heads of marketing on the importance of internet marketing is improving, however, there are still a good chunk of professionals who doubt it. The fact is that we live in an increasingly technological world and this won’t change. If a potential customer looks online for a local bakery and your bakery is not listed in the search engines for bakeries in that area, they will go to one who is. What’s more, potential customers have figured out that they can judge your business based on it’s online presence without ever physically interacting with it. A local business can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make an amazing store front and fail due to a lack of investment in their onine presence. Many business are switching to online, or are started online, without a store front because retail and many services are no longer sustainable at a physical location. Why? Because of the internet.

You might be thinking about or considering commercials, billboards, and other marketing venues. These are time tested options for marketing your business. But ask yourself, Where are these advertisments going to send potential leads? Do you have the man power to answer phone calls all day? Are you going to send them to your website so that they can get information without costing you your valueable time on the phone? What are they going to see when they get there? Consider the amount of money you would spend on traditional marketing and how well it will work without a proper online marketing platform.

Plan Of Action

Before you consider traditional or online marketing techniques, you should honestly evaluate your online presence and marketing platform. Are your social media accounts active and engaging with your target audience? Are you blogging useful and fun information and utilizing your blogs attention for lead conversion? Is your websites design solid and usable, your websites content designed to effectively portray your business? Are you using landing pages and forms to collect user data for up selling and remarketing purposes? Then why would you put thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars, into paid search or social media marketing?

At the end of the day your website is meant to spread awareness and convert leads for your business. It’s like a very cheap and effective employee. Investing in your online presence is the most important thing you can do for your business.

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