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Debug & Repair Process

We make sure all our website are never loaded with issues or errors. We take pride in the fact that we start our process with a no problem launched website. Khaotic Digital can take your current site and fix the problems that it is experiancing. If you have any debugging questions or if you have any repair questions, don't hesitate to contact us. We want to help where we can.

What types of problems are there?

Your website can have any number of problems. It can have domain problems. It can have hosting problems. It can have problems with the code that it is built on. Most websites errors are somewhere in the code. It takes someone with the most current coding knowledge to be able to fix these errors.

Khaotic Digital only uses the most current forms of code that is developed. The only way to make sure your website loads and interacts with the people looking at it correctly, is to build it correctly.

How do I debug my website

There are plenty of tools built into your browsers that can help tell you what errors you have and how to debug them. These tools are the most widely used tools for fixing website problems. These tools can show you what is wrong with your desktop version of your website, and what problems you might have with mobile version of your website. Javascript is something else that can easily break and make portions of the website not work. These tools can show you the errors in your javascript files quickly and seamlessly.

Can You Help Us

Yes we can help. We understand that it may take some time to gain trust for this area, but that is why we have an on call service to help any hour your website is needs us. We work hard to build that trust and deliver a standard higher than anyone else in our market.

Our job is to help people keep their website up and running. We understand that if things are not working right, then your digital marketing is not being effective. We have a prcess to keep everyone at a 100% up-time. If your site is down or something on one of the pages is not working correctly, wouldn't you rather be with a company you can get a hold of 24/7?

Want to correct your websites errors? Maybe you just want to switch to a company you can get a hold of. If you do please let us know Contact Us.